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Time Timer Time Timers by Time Timer

To set the Time Timer, move the red disc counterclockwise to the desired time interval. The disc diminishes as time elapses until no red is visible on the timer face.

The Time Timer provides the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time.

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MyChron MyChron Count-up Timer by Stokes Publishing

Finally, an affordable count-up individual student timer/stopwatch!
The MyChron is a great tool to enrich many of your classroom activities--in science, reading, mathematics, assessment, student time management, physical education, etc.
Counts UP only--like a stopwatch; does not count-down...if you need a count-down timer, you must order the MyChron II instead of the MyChron.

Easy to use 3-key operation: LAP, START/STOP, ON/RESET
LAP key allows you to freeze timer count while timer still runs in background mode. Press key again to restore running count.
START/STOP key allows you to begin or end a timing count.
ON/RESET key allows you to turn on display when timer is inactive or reset counters to zero.
Displays hours, minutes, seconds, hundredths of a second.
Individual timer: 5cm (2") x 5cm (2") x 1cm (7/16")
Includes lanyard; automatic shut-off.
Uses one lithium button battery (G-10A or similar) [included].
Belt clip, magnet, and stand on back of case.
Clear storage case holds all 6 units.
One-year warranty.

6-packs out of stock, but a few single timers are available:

Need just one count-up timer?

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