Learning for All Ages

Privacy Statement

Privacy is a matter of concern to all of us--especially over the internet.

At Learning for All Ages, we do not sell or trade your personal information.
We supply your order information to the credit card processing network, which authorizes your credit card transaction.
We supply your shipping information to the shipper--USPS, UPS, or FedEx.
UPS, USPS, and/or FedEx receive your email address for shipment notification as well as receiving the telephone number that you enter.
If we are notified of a product recall of a specific product that you have purchased,
we attempt to supply your shipping information to the manufacturer so that you may be notified of the specific details of the product recall.
We will supply your personal information to law enforcement agencies if requested or if identity theft is suspected.

If you order online, we do not receive your credit card number--only notification that your credit card transaction has been processed by the credit card processing network.

If you have any additional concerns about the privacy of your transactions, please contact us at

sales AT learningforallages dot com

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.